…in which Scott talked about how he got into the haunt business and a few other topics. This blog is based on Episode 30 of my Scott in the Dark podcast. That podcast was Listeners’ Choice, Volume 2. It had been way too long since we’d had a new episode, because I’d been doing some [...]Continue Reading
Jonathan and Crystal Talk to Japes Palles about how actors and haunts can find a good match. This blog is based on episode 179 of our Haunt Weekly podcast, in which Crystal and I interviewed Japes Palles, a man who’s worked all over the haunt industry, hither and yon, in a wide variety of roles. [...]Continue Reading
Highlights from my visit to this year’s Transworld in St. Louis, Missouri It’s time once again to step into the darkness… This blog is based on episode 29 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast, which I recorded at the granddaddy of the haunt industry—the Transworld show in St. Louis. There was a lot [...]Continue Reading