Creative strategies for haunts and haunters to move through the COVID-19 pandemic and emerge on their feet. by Scott Swenson Episode 42 of my podcast, A Scott in the Dark inspired this post. Let me be 100% honest. I had no intention of recording this episode, but inspiration hit and hit hard, and Episode 42 […]Continue Reading
Tips and lessons for folks who think they might want to create a haunt by Scott Swenson This blog is based on episode 31 of my A Scott In the Dark podcast, which was titled, Hey Gang, Let’s Put on a Show. This was geared toward folks who think they want to start a haunted attraction. First, a […]Continue Reading
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Jonathan and Crystal Talk to Japes Palles about how actors and haunts can find a good match. This blog is based on episode 179 of our Haunt Weekly podcast, in which Crystal and I interviewed Japes Palles, a man who’s worked all over the haunt industry, hither and yon, in a wide variety of roles. […]Continue Reading
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What’s the role of the director in a haunt attraction, and do you need a director at your haunt? I’m really excited about this blog, which is based on Episode 18 of the A Scott in the Dark podcast, which is titled, “The Director is the Lens, Not the Sun.” The podcast was based on […]Continue Reading