by Emily Louise Rua When the CDC released their recommendations for Halloween activities, many communities throughout the country read through them with dismay. Activities that have become integral to how we celebrate Halloween were listed as “Higher Risk Activities” which they advise to avoid to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The list included the […]Continue Reading
The CDC issued guidance on coronavirus-transmission risk levels of Halloween activities including haunted houses and trick or treating The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released updated guidelines to address COVID-19 that are specifically geared to Halloween and other holiday events and gatherings. The CDC pointed out that, “these considerations Continue Reading
Following its successful reopening, Fear Factory provides guidance for haunts reopening during COVID-19 On May 29th, Fear Factory’s annual Halfway to Halloween event became the first haunt to reopen since we entered the COVID-19 pandemic. To make this event happen, Fear Factory built and implemented a contingency plan, which it’s making available free to attractions. […]Continue Reading
An insider’s take on the attraction industry’s trending news. August 30th Edition – Welcome to the Green Tagged blog, based on our first podcast episode of Green Tagged, in which we (Philip Hernandez and Scott Swenson) covered the news stories and trends in the theme-park industry in 30 minutes. Listen or Watch Now If you […]Continue Reading
How to personalize your haunt messaging during the pandemic Continuing with our HAuNT Connect series, the Road to Reopening for Halloween, this article focuses on personalizing your messaging to guests in preparation of opening your haunt this season. This discussion is divided into three sections—recommendations about messaging for guests before your haunt opens, while Continue Reading
How to scare with intent from six feet away By David Jones 2020 is giving haunters a wonderful opportunity to birth novel ways of telling our stories. In this article, based on my HAuNT Connect presentation and workshop, we’ll explore effective methods of scaring from a distance. Specifically, you’ll learn how to create a cohesive […]Continue Reading
A rational look at the prospects for haunted attractions this year and for your haunt in particular Episode 46 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast (recorded on July 25th, 2020) asked the sobering question, “Is Halloween dead?” The day before, Universal Studios cancelled Halloween Horror Nights in California and Florida for 2020. That […]Continue Reading
Approaches to Addressing a Crisis—Which Haunts Should implement All the Time By Scott Swenson Welcome back to the dark. I based this blog on Episode 45 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast, in which I talked about phases of recovery from the ongoing pandemic. A phenomenal seven-week certificate program I completed at the […]Continue Reading
Use Diversity in your team, in your scares, within your industry, and in your products to strengthen your haunt. By Scott Swenson Welcome to the dark. This blog is based on Episode 44 of my podcast, A Scott in the Dark. It had been awhile since I’d recorded an episode, and this was recorded in June […]Continue Reading