Jonathan and Crystal discuss 10 horror games that offer lessons for haunters. Hello, it’s Jonathan and Crystal again. This blog is based on Episode 185 of Haunt Weekly, which was titled, “10 Horror Games for Haunters.” This isn’t a top-10 list of great horror games or anything like that, but 10 games that, if you’re [...]Continue Reading
Jonathan and Crystal discuss six approaches for creating a memorable “last room” in your haunt. This blog is based on our Haunt Weekly podcast, Episode 182, in which we discussed “The Last Room.” You may have heard that the last room is the most important room of the haunt. There are some reasons for that. [...]Continue Reading
Jonathan and Crystal talk about Halloween and other news of the day. Welcome to our Haunt Weekly blog. This one is based on episode 180 of our Haunt Weekly podcast. May 1st, as everyone knows is halfway to Halloween, or as far away from Halloween as we can be (the Antipodes of Halloween). On that [...]Continue Reading
Jonathan and Crystal present a list of terrific ideas to keep your haunt spirit alive all year. This blog is based on episode 178 of our Haunt Weekly podcast. It’s a long time to Halloween, so Crystal and I have compiled a list of 31 ways to keep Halloween alive in your day-to-day life. We [...]Continue Reading