Mikey interviews Florentina of Aroma Prime about those weird smells at scare attractions. Hi, it’s Mikey, and this blog is based on episode 145 of our Scare Track podcast, in which I interviewed Florentina, the Managing Director of Aroma Prime. Aroma Prime is one of the leaders in the worldwide scents and smells market. If you’ve been […]Continue Reading
Mikey and guest hosts Jenna and Ryan discuss this year’s Walpurgis Night scene at Scare Kingdom. This blog is based on Episode 141 of our Scare Track podcast. My name is Mikey, and this blog summarizes our on-location review of Scare Kingdom Scream Park’s Walpurgis night event that we covered on that podcast. So, Halloween […]Continue Reading
Hello, everyone, it’s Mikey, and this blog is based episode 139 of our Scaretrack podcast in which I talked on the phone with Mark Jardine from Mad About Horror, an online source here in the UK for all things Halloween and horrifying. Horror is a 365 passion for a lot of people, and Mark’s business […]Continue Reading
Mikey discovers how a horror photographer extraordinaire created Horrify Me, and Hannah discovers her inner vampire. Hello. It’s Mikey here, along with my faithful sidekick, Hannah. This blog is based on Episode 140 of our Scaretrack podcast, which is all about our experiences at Horrify Me, located all the way out in Dover, and our […]Continue Reading
The team visits an escape room at Dana Prison in Shrewsbury and solves the Brexit puzzle. Hello, and welcome to our blog, which is based on episode 138 of our Scaretrack podcast. For that episode, we were at the Dana Prison in Shrewsbury. I was with Kate and Hannah. We were ready to go get […]Continue Reading