Wearable Interactive Gaming Technology leaps forward this weekend with the debut of ZTAG 2.0.


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Imagine bringing the thrill of a zombie chase to your attraction. Zombies chasing humans, and the threat of infection making the air hum with excitement. Imagine watching the virus jump from zombie to human, complete with sound and color. Imagine multiple game formats to challenge the zombies, complete with an updated worldwide leader board. Open your eyes- ZTAG 2.0 is here.

Based on Torch Technology (A Thea  Award recipient) ZTAG brings close-up guest-to-guest interaction to any attraction. ZTAG 2.0 units feature a full-color display, speaker, rechargeable battery, and armband mounting. Players can see their game stats and get live feedback when infected. ZTAG forces intimate interaction between players by using infrared which triggers at 3 feet. Close-up tagging (or ztagging) increases both the interactions between guests and the attraction’s throughput.

ZTAG is venue-independent. You need only 1,500 sqft of running space to host a game for a dozen people. Play indoors or outdoors and during daytime or nighttime.  Minimal equipment beyond the ZTAG system is needed to have a fun game. A basketball court with a few inflatables is all that’s needed to run a game for 50 kids to play. 

ZTAG is contact-free. While every kid knows how to play tag, eventually someone gets hurt. ZTAG is a non-contact game that keeps tag’s excitement while reducing the safety risk.

ZTAG brings kids into the real world. “As a parent, I want my kids to interact in the real world instead of with a screen. In this increasingly digital and socially isolated world, people yearn in-person interaction. I’m certain many other parents think this way too, they want their kids to play with their friends outside instead of hunching over a cellphone playing Fortnite!. Venues offering a social-physical activity will open parents’ wallets. The game is much more intuitive and feels like a real-life video game!,” states Quan Gan, Serial Entrepreneur and Creator of ZTAG.

The Details

Test and Order ZTAG 2.0 at booth 1513 at St. Louis, Halloween & Attractions Show March 21-24, 2019. Purchase ZTAG at $100 per zTag and $200 per zStation with a $1,000 annual ZTL host subscription. ZTL subscription gives host venues product updates, licensing, leaderboard hosting and national promotion. Those who cannot attend the show can order by emailing [email protected].

Contact: Quan Gan, Creator & Founder; [email protected]


“Kids love ZTAG because it combines technology, activity, and imagination to create a silly and fun environment and allows them to play. Parents love ZTAG because their kids are up and being active, and there doesn’t have to be any physical contact to get them running.” – Augusta Emmerson, Manager at Star Skate Norman.

“ZTAG is a creative blend of physical fitness and technology. The first time we played ZTAG at the Boys & Girls Club we had a blast! A few of our club kids were reluctant to get involved, they rather would’ve been in the bleachers on their phones, but after two rounds they were fully engaged and didn’t even realize they were exercising. ZTAG is a fantastic blend of physical activity and strategic thinking. It challenges everyone who plays it. It’s just what kids and teens need these days.” – Matt Nelson, CEO of Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita, CA.

About ZTAG

The original ZTAG debuted 3 years ago at the Gantom sponsored City Museum Party where over 600 guests ztagged each other in the 10 story warehouse. Guests had a choice between playing a human or a zombie. Humans embarked on a scavenger hunt survival mission while zombies tried to ztag the humans to turn them into zombies.

The original ZTAG was designed as a small badge that guests pinned to their chest. While the game worked well for guests and proved close-up ztagging is fun and interactive, it had several limitations for both the guest and host. Using a safety pin to attach the badges to players wasn’t always more comfortable, especially for the younger players who enjoyed ZTAG the most. A chest worn badge made it difficult for the player to see their status. Button-cell batteries was also a challenge for hosts to maintain. ZTAG 2.0 solves these challenges with the new arm-band form factor and rechargeable batteries.

The ZTAG 2.0 system is composed of zTags worn by the guests and zStations that are placed throughout the venue. zTags are wearable computers loaded with missions and players either collaborate or compete for zStations, the mission objectives.

The ZTAG 2.0 is a “hardware as a service” platform, offering hardware and software upgrades to venues with an annual ZTL host subscription. ZTAG captures performance metrics from the players, and experiments with new ways to play.

Since the original ZTAG launch, dozens of hosts have run games for tens of thousands of guests. Venues ranging from roller skating rinks to haunted attractions and from major conventions to afterschool programs have had success with offering ZTAG to their guests. Phoenix Comicon successfully offered ZTAG in both scavenger hunt and arena formats to its guests.




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