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Mid-Season Marketing Checklist

Timothy Sedillo of Scary Good Marketing discusses what you should be doing now to prepare your haunt


Fort Edmonton Park’s DARK 2020 Event Goes (Mostly) Virtual

For this year’s Halloween season, Fort Edmonton Park in Alberta offers four virtual events—ranging from


halloween dead

Is Halloween Dead?

A rational look at the prospects for haunted attractions this year and for your haunt in particular Episode 46 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast (recorded

Phases of Recovery from COVID for Haunted Attractions

Phases of Recovery from COVID for Haunted Attractions

Approaches to Addressing a Crisis—Which Haunts Should implement All the Time By Scott Swenson Welcome back to the dark. I based this blog on Episode 45 of


The Power of Diversity in Your Haunted Attraction

Use Diversity in your team, in your scares, within your industry, and in your products to strengthen your haunt. By Scott Swenson Welcome to the dark. This


Don’t Panic, Pivot Your Haunt

Creative strategies for haunts and haunters to move through the COVID-19 pandemic and emerge on their feet. by Scott Swenson Episode 42 of my podcast, A


Marketing Your Haunted Attraction After a Pandemic

Strategies from FearWorm Hauntvertising for how to market your attraction during a post-pandemic Halloween season By HaunTopic Radio When a global crisis

haunted attractions

So Now What? Haunted Attractions COVID-19 Edition

This unprecedented situation provides an opportunity for haunts and haunters to become more creative and support one another. This blog is based on Episode

horror experiences

Use Mobile Horror Experiences to Expand Your Haunt Brand

Use mobile, remote, horror experiences to keep connected to your guests and expand your brand. ​ By HaunTopic Radio Each year, we should be adding

time and money

Bootstrap Your Haunt – a Guide to Saving Time and Money

Tips and tricks to save time and money on building or upgrading your haunted attraction. By Brian Foreman and Darryl Plunkie Time and money are the two

october haunt

The February Meeting to Prepare for Your October Haunt

Get started early in the year to be better prepared for the Halloween season Welcome again to my blog, this one based on episode 40 of my A Scott in the