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2020 Haunt Awards

2020 Haunt Awards From The Scare Factor’s Team Zombillies

TIS the season for giving. And besides one of those 12’ skeletons from Home Depot, a great gift for haunters this season is recognition for all of their

Chainer's Field of Screams

Postmortem: Chainer’s Field of Screams in Botkins, Ohio

Max gets a postmortem report from Pyle Hazard at Chainer’s Field of Screams in Botkins, Ohio. Chainer’s is a small family haunt, but they had a stellar

Blood Prison

Postmortem: A Recap of Blood Prison 2020 Season

Postmortem: Blood Prison Max gets a Postmortem 2020 Haunt Season Report from Vic Amesquita at Blood Prison at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield Ohio.


What Makes a Good Villain? We Are the Monsters.

Crafting Villains with We Are The Monsters Mary Imagination has the unique perspective of being both a scare actor and a debut novelist. In this episode


This Haunt’s Christmas TikTok Has Over 3 Million Views

What you Need to know to get your Tiktok up and running Josh Sumsion from Dead City Haunted House comes on to discuss the process behind their TikTok

Garden of Spirits

Postmortem: The Garden of Spirits on Scaling & Contingency Planning

I had the delight of going on-site to interview Scott Swenson, the Creative Director for The Garden of Spirits at CW’s Gin Joint in Tampa, FL. Scott