Haunt Hack on Lighting Transitions

lighting transitions

On day 22 of the 61 day Hauntathon it’s Julia from Gantom Lighting and Controls, and to celebrate the countdown to Halloween, I’m here with another lighting tip. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or are lighting your haunt for the first time this year, here are some great ways to get the most mileage out of your lighting transitions.

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Gradually Lower the Light in Your Haunt

Today’s tip, gradually dim the light. Most spaces want to be dark, but if you bring your guests directly from the outdoors, especially in the middle of the day into a pitch-black room, they can’t transition into the world you’ve created, emotionally or visually. Generally, set your light levels just a touch higher at the beginning of your experience, and then gradually lower the levels. This trick eases the guest’s eyes into darker spaces, which can also make later strobe or bright light effects much more impactful.

This actually allows you to use even less light if you are strategic. The more you allow your guest’s eyes to adjust gradually, the further you can push the darkness. If you find yourself having trouble with your opening scenes and spaces, try turning the lights up just a bit, especially if you can use practicals and motivated sources, like a lamp or other lit prop. A lot of haunts already do this naturally with their storytelling. Typically, you don’t lead with your most dramatic moments. Think about your lighting transitions the same way.

Segmenting Is Critical for Lighting Purposes

Another way to help control your light levels is to use blackout curtains or doors to segment your spaces. This is especially critical if you have an entrance to your attraction that is outdoors every time new parties come in, you will have sunlight spill into the room. Don’t let that affect the lighting for the party in front of them. Plan on that first room being bright, design your lighting to support that rather than be overcome by it, and partition all future spaces so that you can continue to dim the lights.




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