Hauntathon 2021


Countdown to Halloween With a 61 Day Hauntathon

Countdown to Halloween with daily podcasts from the Haunted Attraction Network’s annual Hauntathon. September 1st through October 31st, this daily programming will help haunters navigate the unique challenges of this upcoming Halloween season.  

Hauntathon 2021 Archive

Day 61:

2021 Halloween Special: Sounds of Halloween

Day 59:

Halloween Never Dies: 2020 Halloween Special (Replay)

Day 58:

Awake in the Dark

Day 58:

Haunted Little Tokyo 2021

Day 57:

Hauntopic Radio Halloween Special: Crawford School of Terror, Midnight Syndicate, Terror Isle

Day 57:

Walsall Scare Maze – Bunker 41 / On-location Review Episode 2021

Day 56:

Haunted Attraction Industry News for Oct 26th

Day 55:

On-Location: Pennsylvania, Indiana, and South Carolina

Day 54:

Museums go to OnlyFans & Halloween Takeaways

Day 53:

Haunt Hack: Staying Healthy

Day 51:

On Location: 5 Haunted Attraction Check-Ins

Day 50:

Haunted Attraction Industry News for Oct 20th

Day 49:

Day 48:

On Location: 3 Haunted Attraction Check-Ins

Day 43:

Haunted Attraction Industry News for Oct 13th

Day 42:

On Location: American Horrorplex & Frightmare Farms

Day 41:

Haunt Hacks: Audio Design, Dynamic Lighting, and QR Code Marketing

Day 32:

On-Location: Hundred Acres Manor & Madworld

Day 27:

Preemptive Planning for Crises

Day 25:

Poems from the Abyss

Day 24:

Day 20:

How to Engage Superfans

Day 19:

Day 18:

The Monkey’s Paw

Day 15:

Day 14:

Haunt Industry News, Malice Manor Check In, & SoCal Events

Day 13:

Biden Asks Entertainment Venues to Require Vaccines

Day 11:

Haunted Battlefields, Grave Friends, & Ghostly Lovers

Day 6:

Should You Widen Your Offerings for the Whole Family?

Day 5:

Reviewer Pet Peeves: Costuming & Makeup

Day 4:

Three Haunting Stories

Programming Details

We’ve gathered a gang of ghouls to provide a wide range of informative and entertaining content, including:

  • State of The Industry updates from the Haunted Attraction Association Board Members.
  • Trip Reports from The ScareFactor, The Hauntline, and ScareTrack.
  • Hack Hacks, implementable tricks to provide haunt professionals helpful information in small packages, from Scott Swenson.
  • Industry News from Green Tagged, Haunter’s Toolbox, and Socalloween909.
  • Foam Carving and decorating from Victoria Lohman of Hot Wire Foam Factory.
  • Various poems and short stories of the dark and witchy sort from Whispers of a Witch.
  • Guerrilla Marketing from Scary Good Marketing.
  • Last Minute Haunt Lighting from Gantom Lighting & Controls.
  • Haunt owner check-ins from around the world.

From the Community

“This year’s Halloween is critical for the industry, and we’ll be there every day to help. While we’re producing serious segments on emerging issues, we also need some room to enjoy the holiday; I’m thrilled with the balance of informative and entertaining content that we have lined up. I’m grateful to all the partners that have stepped up to help this year,” said Philip Hernandez, Publisher at the Haunted Attraction Network and CEO of Gantom Lighting.

“Our board members are a wealth of knowledge and we’re excited for this opportunity to share solutions to the challenges for this season. It’s also in alignment with our goal of connecting more with our members,” added Spencer Terry, Board President of the Haunted Attraction Association.

A New Look

To celebrate their 7th year, 500th episode, and 2 million downloads, the Haunted Attraction Network has a new look! Just in the time for this year’s Halloween season, the new logo was designed by Pashur Illustration. Pashur is an award-winning illustrator, body painter, and member of the SoCal Haunt Community.

About our Partners

The Haunted Attraction Association

The Haunted Attraction Association, the only official association in the haunt industry, serves as the voice of the haunted attraction industry. Our mission is to promote our worldwide network of haunted attractions including Haunted Houses, Haunted Hayrides, Scream Parks, Mega-Haunts, Halloween Festivals, Haunted Outdoor Trails, Corn Mazes, and Amusement Park Halloween Events.

Gantom Lighting and Controls

Gantom illuminates attractions worldwide with the world’s smallest award-winning intelligent spotlights.

The Scare Factor

The Scare Factor provides Haunted House and Halloween lovers with the most professional and accurate info possible. We are not the oldest or the newest, but we are BY FAR the most complete and up-to-date website of our kind in the haunted attraction industry.


ScareTrack is the UK’s first podcast dedicated to the Scare Attraction & Haunted House Industry. We bring listeners in depth interviews with some of the biggest names in the UK scare scene, discussion & debate episodes as well on on-location review episodes from scream parks, zombie chases, immersive theatre and much more.

Haunter’s Toolbox

Do you have questions about starting your own haunted attraction or keeping the doors open at your current one? The Haunter’s Toolbox is the place to get those answers. Monthly online masterclasses with professionals in the haunt industry, access to the exclusive toolbox media library, and a private community to get instant feedback. Get the tools you need at HauntersToolbox.com

Scott Swenson Creative Development

For over 30 years, Scott Swenson has been bringing stories to life as a Producer, Director, Writer and Performer. His work in Theme Park, Consumer Events, Live Theater and Television has given him a broad spectrum of experiences. After 21 years working with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Scott has now formed Scott Swenson Creative Development LLC and is working with various clients developing shows, events, festivals and training classes.

Whispers of a Witch

Created by actress and voice over artist Jennifer Anne Scott this weekly podcast provides something of a different sort to listen to and enjoy – a dark escape if you will. If you love spooky stories, you will love Whispers of a Witch!

The Hauntine

The Hauntline is a YouTube show and Podcast dedicated to SoCal Haunts & Events!

Follow for Haunt Reviews, Rumors, & Behind the Screams!

Hot Wire Foam Factory

Hot Wire Foam Factory offers a wide range of foam cutting and shaping tools, foam coating products, instructional DVDs and patterns for the hobbyist, home crafter and professional artist.


SoCalloween909 is the 909’s LOCAL INDEPENDENT NEWS Source On All Things Horror, Haunts, Halloween, & Everything In Between in SoCal, 365

Scary Good Marketing

At Scary Good Marketing, we take the fear out of marketing and advertising your business using battle-tested strategies and creativity to bring you a better ROI.

The Haunted Attraction Network

The Haunted Attraction Network connects and educates the Global Haunted Attraction Industry through weekly podcasts and newsletters. In 2021 we’re celebrating our 7th year, 500th episode, and over 2 million downloads!


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