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Fear In 3D

This is day 46 of our 61-day Hauntathon counting down to Halloween. Today we have Justin Arrigo and local manager Ashely talking about The Experiment at Fear in 3D.

“I just thought it was really cool. I thought it was great. Just the details, the paint and like the glasses, definitely elevated the dimension of it.”

“This is something that come see, this was well worth it. I literally drove from all the way from Montana all the way over here. So, I made sure to come. I’ll probably be back here next week.”

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Ticket Information

Tickets are on sale now online! Fear in 3D has two tiers of tickets, general admission and VIP. With the VIP ticket, not only do you get front of line access, but you also receive a limited edition Fear in 3D t-shirt!

General Admission
16+ $20.00
15 and Under $8.00

16+ $40.00
15 and Under $20.00

Fear In 3D
Image Credit: Fear 3D

What Is Fear In 3D The Experiment?

Justin: So, like we wanted people to come through, at first, and feel like they’re going through a hospital and they’re like, wait a minute, why am I in a hospital? It’s because you are the experiment. So, as soon as you walk through that door, you become the experiment that we’re looking for. So, you walk through, you are the experiment, you go through, and things that most people are afraid of, spiders, clowns, being tortured, things like that, we took all the things that most people are afraid of and we tried to make it fun at the same time.

Ashley and Justin Talk About The Last Couple Years With Fear 3D

Ashley: We created it last year under a different name. We did change the name this year to go more with the theme of it. We tried playing off the shops at Chino Hills with the Haunted Shop didn’t really work out so well, so we revamped it this year. It’s about 12 minutes or so, sometimes a little bit more. The weekends we have a spot for a photo, and they take a 3D photo of you a little bit after you walk in our control panel room, as you would say.

Last year, we brought in Stuart Smith from Stuartizm Designs, he does airbrush paintings and everything. We brought him down, he did all of our walls and everything in about a week total free hand airbrush, and that was like the base of everything. This year we brought in Justin Arrigo from Boston Massachusetts, and for a couple months now, he’s been here every day working on it.

Justin: Stuart came in last year and he painted all the walls. John Denley from Boneyard Productions, he’s how I got here. He’s my roots Boneyard Productions is from Salem, Massachusetts, that’s where I’m from. So, he designed the layout of the maze, but the last year they were like, “we need to go a step further.” So, they called me in and they were like, ” all right, we have this haunt, we need somebody to come in and take it to the next level. What do you think?” I’m like, “all right, I’ll be there in two days.” So, two days later I’m on the way. The first day that I got here, they brought me here to show me everything. I’m like, “all right, we can make this something huge.”

Image Credit: Fear 3D

Why Is Fear 3D At A Mall?

Ashley: Our main business is, we are the Christmas light guy company. So, we do holiday lighting and decor for commercial businesses, and this is one of our properties. Our owner, Frank has built a very great relationship with the mall here, Daryl, Patricia, Bubba. COVID hit everybody pretty hard, there was some vacancies here, and so they got to talking and Frank, our owner was like,” you know what? We’re going to rent the spot out.” So, it just came to be.

We knew there was traffic here that we could get, all types of age groups. And we get the traffic from the mall, get everything, there’s always events here in Chino Hills. It doesn’t just give them somewhere to go and then leave, it gives them an option to stay, look around, go eat, hang out with their family, enjoy some of the live bands that they have here on the weekends and stuff like that.

Ashely And Justin Just Want You To Have Fun

Ashley: We want people to enjoy it. We love hearing everybody’s feedback, and it’s been so positive. It honestly warms our hearts, like because of how much work has been put into this and how, just how hard it was. But like when people say they love it, it just feels like it was worth it.

Justin: We really love what we do. We want to scare people. We don’t want you to come through and say, “that sucked.” We want you to come through and say, “that was awesome.” We don’t want to get you from just the right and the left, we want to get you above below, left, every different direction. I didn’t move here from Salem for people not to have fun. So, I’m going to do my best to make sure that the West Coast gets a little taste of the East Coast.

Ashley: Thank you to everybody who has come, who intends to come, and thank you pretty much to all your readers too for taking the time to read, and we appreciate it.




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