Field of Screams Haunt in Brandenburg Kentucky Review

Field of Screams

This is day 16 of our 61-day Hauntathon. Today Team Zombillies explores Field of Screams

Today Tyler and Nora are covering Field of Screams located in Brandenburg, Ky. They have four different attractions. Three of those are roped into a single ticket price that is the Field of Screams proper, the Barn, and then the Outdoor Trail. Then, in addition to that, they have the Hayride to Hell, and that is your typical hayride.

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Tyler and Nora Explain What to Expect at Field of Screams

Nora: The Haunted Corn Maze is 6 acres, and the Haunted Barn is 2 stories.

Tyler: Yes, so there is a combination of indoor and outdoor attractions here, that’s for sure. This is their 19th year in operation, believe they started in 2002.  The theme does tend to change every year and they also changed the layout of the Corn Maze itself. They always give a new aerial view and this year it’s kind of a Cyclops-looking guy, so it’s kind of cool.

Nora:  Inside the attractions, they all have different names, but none of them follow a storyline theme. You’re more likely going to see a mixture of characters, some of them being familiar and some of them being some of their own creations.

Tyler: Absolutely, I’d say it is more of an actor-driven show which is, pretty common with outdoor attractions, and especially Corn Mazes and things, but there are some pretty nice and really big props out there that we’ve seen at some higher end attractions. Like you see, your Krampus guy carrying the kid around. We saw him out there this year, he’s been out there for a few years I think, but he’s still kicking.

Nora: They have some full-sized houses built out there on the Trail portion. There’s a castle that was really neat with giant books outside, and as you go into the castle, it’s like a storyline theme. 

Tyler: Storybook Castle, I think is what they called it, so it’s almost like your old fairy tales and nursery rhyme kind of deal. We saw Goldilocks in there she had her bear slaughtered on one of the tables, but we didn’t see the other two bears, so be careful and look out for those. They might still be on the rampage out there.

Field of Screams
Image Credit: Field Of Screams

Favorite Part of Field of Screams for Tyler and Nora

Nora: I would say one of my favorite parts of going through this year, which it was their opening night, so bear that in mind. When we went through the Field it was a neutral feeling, I don’t know how else to really describe it, and then when we went to the Barn it became more intense, and then the Trail itself had even more intense characters on it. They were scaring us a lot more and hiding a lot and they were more sneaky. So, it was very cool for that crescendo to take place while we were walking through all of the consecutive attractions.

Tyler: One of my favorite parts, whenever we go to this one, is the machine gun they’ve got up on the turret over. We had the pleasure of one of the haunt’s staff walking through us named Chase, and that was a really cool treat as well. He said he’s been there, I think, 20 years or so, and he was getting scared out there several times. I mean, we were too but to see him getting startled as we were going through, that’s always fun to see. And we were like, “what’s that gunshot?” You know, just kind of teasing, he’s like, “I don’t know. We don’t have a gun out here.”

Nora: I’ll also note that he, we were trying to find our way through the Corn Maze, which Tyler and I can get lost in our own bathroom, so if you’ve ever seen us go through haunts, you know that we can actually get lost pretty easily. So, there were a few times where we weren’t really sure which way to go. He was like, “oh, it’s this way. Just come this way.” Then he got himself lost, so that was quite entertaining, and we also got to see him get scared. So, if that tells you anything about their cast on opening night, they’re going to be able to up that ante quite a bit as the season goes. 

Field of Screams
Image Credit: Field Of Screams

Cost, Dates, Hours, And A Special VIP Experience As Well

Nora Field of Screams is open Fridays and Saturdays through October 30th. They are open from dusk to midnight. The majority of the haunt is outside, as we’ve mentioned before, so you will want to wait until it gets just about dark before you go. General admission is $25 per person for the Haunted Barn, the Forbidden Forest, and the six-acre Corn Maze. If you would like to add the Hayride, it’s an additional $15, and they do have VIP pricing available as well. I would say how walked through time was forever.

Tyler: It was a long walk-through.

Nora: Yeah, and we go to most of the haunted houses in the Louisville area, because Brandenburg, is really about what, 20 minutes outside of Louisville?

Tyler: 20-30 minutes Southwest Louisville.

Nora: This haunted house is by far the longest. I would say we were in there a good solid hour at least, and that’s not counting any queue lines in between.

Tyler: Correct, that’s for the hayride, probably 15 minutes or so, and then the rest of the Trail, yeah?

Nora: Corn Maze, the Barn, and the Trail yeah.

Image Credit: Field Of Screams

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