Fight Face Launches At Halloween & Party Expo

Fight Face

A big opportunity of retail shows is discovering a brand-new product. Fight Face just premiered last week in Las Vegas. This is the 6th and final episode in our mini-series covering some of the haunt friendly wholesalers from this year’s Halloween & Party Expo in Las Vegas.

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fight face
Image Credit: Fight Face

What Is Fight Face?

Donnie: I’m Donnie Wilson and I’m here with Fight Face. What we are is, we are a polyester-spandex mask made of all performance materials, so it’s got all the great performance features like your anti-microbial, it’s even got the SPF 50 in. It’s a simple product, very lightweight, we went with 180 GSM which is about 4.3 ounces.

What we’ve done is, because it’s a direct-to-garment print, it’s dye sublimated product, so we can pretty much produce and print anything we want in the mask. So, full pullover, it’s full head to neck, almost like a ski mask but with the super-lightweight properties of polyester. With that, again, we’re going to produce and print just about anything you want on the mask.

For us, we kind of went the route of doing more of a lighthearted illustration. kind of a 2D, but really applying that to a 3D product. It’s a unique visual that I haven’t seen in the market at this point. With that we can kind of illustrate anything we want to create a unique product. We carry different, you know, traditional your werewolf, your zombies.

One of the things I was really focused on when we developed the product, I wanted no stitching to really land across the face. There’s small stitching on the neck, but all the eyes, the mouth, are all laser cut, they’re clean, they’re easy to interact with, it’s easy to take on and off without any interference or any complications. It was originally designed and conceptualized for sports fans as a way to replace face paint. For me, it just fits perfectly in Halloween.

We launched the product to the world at this event. So, we are now three days old. As an actual company. Luckily we have low MQO possibilities, so we can produce as low as 1500 to 5000 without any issues, and have a 30 to 45 day turnaround with our airfreight delivery. So, I know the issue right now with the supply chains concerns, they really haven’t hurt us because our product is so small, so lightweight, even in the packaging it weighs less than 8 ounces once the packaging has been completed. So, getting it here is not too terribly expensive, and it’s easy to get from here and then actually distribute to customers and consumers; from wholesale to retail to the actual direct customer market.

We really think this mask has a lot of potential just because of its simplicity. But even though the mask itself is simple, because of the way we do it the complexity of the designs can be anything you can imagine. We’re talking about even trying to figure out if we can do 3D scans to print people’s faces on the thing, so it’d be nice, clean. You can do literally just about anything with this material.

Image Credit: Fight Face

Custom Designs At Fight Face

Donnie: I actually have it available now. We really have the ability to kind of pivot quickly and adjust to whatever our market needs are. Right now you can contact us, and you know I’d be happy to illustrate that we can add that to our product SKU lineup. I mean, that’s relatively easy for us to make that adjustment now. Even if it’s something that you want unique to you as an individual store, we are open and available to that conversation. We do have a minimum run as far as customization goes, but it’s around 500 MQO, so it’s kind of a low volume on that.

Philip: Do you have retailers that are already selling these or are you mainly just starting now to find retailers?

Donnie: Literally this was actually our first event at this, so it was our first go trying to test the market, really get a feel for what we were doing and what we needed to do. We have it set up where you can go online, we have a simple application that showcases all our products, so you can kind of click the button and follow the process. It’s pretty easy.

Our goal is to keep things really simple. We don’t want to complicate or create a new product, we just want to simplify one that kind of already exists. So that’s kind of what we’re after.




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