Making Colors Pop for Your Haunted Attraction

Colors Pop
From the Haunted Action Network, I’m Philip and this is day 15 of our 61-day Hauntathon counting down to Halloween. The best way you can support us this Halloween season is by sharing our Hauntathon with someone you think will enjoy it, and to follow along with our Hauntathon, sign up to our weekly newsletter at Haunted Attraction Network.

Julia from Gantom explains how to make your colors pop and not wash out your props and actors.

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Today’s Tip: Make Your Colors Pop

Hey guys, it’s Julia from Gantom Lighting and Controls, and to celebrate the countdown to Halloween I’m back with a few lighting tips and tricks. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or are lighting your haunt for the first time this year, here are some ways to get the most mileage out of your lighting looks.

Colorful lighting is a great tool to make your space more dynamic and compelling. However, there’s a trick to making your sets look their best in saturated colored light. Contrast is key. For example, if your space is painted green, don’t just bathe the room in green light or everything will become really flat, they may actually end up canceling each other out. Play with adding a little bit of red light to bring out the red tones in the green paint and make the details more prominent. 

Correct Lighting Can Make Things Invisible and Then Magically Appear

You can also use this trick to make things disappear and then appear. If you have an actor, for example, wearing all red bathe the room in red light to make them harder to spot when you’re ready for the reveal, run just a little bit of green light to bring out the details and the negative space found on your actor. Don’t worry, it only takes a little bit of added contrast for this effect to work, so you won’t accidentally turn your actor green or purple. You’ll still see red, but your eyes will now pick up the more nuanced details in that actor’s makeup or costuming. 

Experiment with your haunt scenic paint, costuming and makeup looks to see what light colors make your experience look its best. Most LED lights have an interface that allows you to play around with the RGB color levels, so you can really dial in exactly what makes your work look its best. 

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll catch you next time on the Haunted Attractions Network.

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