New Haunted House Based on Jordan Peele’s Blockbuster Movie “Us” at Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Orlando Resort has announced a new residence of terror at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Guests will walk through the Wilson family beach house along the Santa Cruz Pier, where a familiar character might be seen lingering outside the Fun House. Guests travel along eerie underground tunnels that stretch for miles and come face-to-face with “The Tethered”—a group of terrifying doppelgängers of every living person in the country, to experience a unique and terrifying twist on the idea of, “You’re your own worst enemy.”

Guests accompany Adelaide Wilson as she undergoes a horrifying encounter with her tethered double, Red, and watch as she engages in a dance to the death with her menacing mirror image.

As guests venture deeper into the haunted house, they’re transported to modern day and witness “The Tethered” emerge from their underground labyrinth to exact revenge on their privileged upperworld counterparts—which means every guest is a target. However, as we’ve always been told, you can’t escape yourself.

Event Details

Halloween Horror Nights returns to Universal Studios Florida on select nights from September 6–November 2. This year, the event features 10 haunted houses5 scare zoneslive entertainment and more. Click on these links for ticketsvacation packages, and event extras.




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