Heritage Square Museum

The Spooky Swap Meet at the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles

Coming May 1st and 2nd to the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles is the Spooky Swap Meet. The museum’s nine Victorian manors serve as the stunning

Hudson Haunted House

Hudson Haunted House St. Patrick’s Revenge

Hudson Haunted House in Hudson, Ohio is opening this weekend for “St. Patrick’s Revenge”.  Hudson Haunted House is run by the Hudson JCs, who were

Wells Township Haunted House

St Patrick’s Day is Lights Out at Wells Township Haunted House in Brilliant Ohio

St Patrick’s day is just around the corner and that means some haunts are opening for an extra off-season event. On today’s show Max speaks


The First Step to Reopening in 2021, Updates from the HAA

Reopening in 2021 and Plans from the HAA We’re chatting with Spencer Terry. Spencer is the GM of Fear Factory in Salt Lake City, and was the first

2020 Haunt Awards

2020 Haunt Awards From The Scare Factor’s Team Zombillies

TIS the season for giving. And besides one of those 12’ skeletons from Home Depot, a great gift for haunters this season is recognition for all of their