Post-show Q&A With the Twisted Minds Behind Urban Death: Cannibal Corpse

Urban Death

Join HorrorBuzz and Haunted Attraction Network for a Post-show Q&A with the twisted minds behind URBAN DEATH: CANNIBAL CORPSE Friday, June 24th at 8:30PM.

There is no extra cost for the Q&A, it is included for anyone with a ticket to Friday’s showing.

See the show, then stay after as we chat with Director Jana Wimer, Creative Director Zombie Joe, and the cast of this twisted vision of terror to learn what inspired the ideas, images, and shocking scenes. This is a rare chance to peek behind the scenes at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre that you won’t want to miss.

Grab tickets for the 8:30pm Friday, June 24th performance and we will see you there!

The presentation will be recorded. By entering the Q&A event, you are entering an area where photography, audio and video recording may occur.




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