Designing a Fright Attraction from the Inside Out


A basic overview of the fright attraction design process! By Leonard Pickel, Attraction Design and Consulting My background is architecture, and I design attractions using the architectural principle that “form ever follows function.” Meaning that the purpose of a building (or any object) should dictate its shape. In haunted attraction design, scaring people is the function. […]

How to Get Away with Lighting in Your Haunt


4 lighting designers offer tips for pulling off effective haunted house lighting design using what you already have. For many haunted attractions, lighting design can be a challenge—both from a technical and a budgetary standpoint. In this article, 4 lighting design experts offer tips to inspire confidence and creativity in the lighting of your attraction. […]

Engaging Fear for Your Haunted Attraction


Making an emotional connection through fear is the key to creating a powerful and memorable experience for guests. By Phil Raybourn For haunted attractions, emotions, especially fear, create a profound connection with our guests. We will talk about fear and how attractions can go beyond the usual maze and scare areas to create a heightened […]




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