Bloody Mary

Bobbie Weiner Enterprises, LLC PO Box 530128 Miami, FL 33153

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Bloody MaryBloody Mary has the greatest quality FX Makeup and Face Paint made in the USA We use no fillers, all pigment and everything washes off with soap and water. All makeup is soap activated! Our F/X Blood does not stain skin or clothing!! The Best F/X Blood made in the world!! No syrup, no sugar!! Looks like the real thing! They have BLOOD, FANGS, MONSTER KITS (VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES, ZOMBIES OF ALL SORTS, WITCHES, BLUE ALIENS, SKELETONS, DEVILS, ETC), MASCARA, EYELINER, EYE SHADOW, LIPSTICK, FOUNDATION, MAKEUP REMOVER/MOISTURIZER, THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!!!!






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