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Granite InsuranceYour haunted attraction is meant to provide fun and entertainment for your guests. Protect the business you worked so hard to build. Granite Insurance for Haunted Attractions Cover the unique needs of your haunted attraction From haunted houses and hayrides to scary trails and mazes, your attraction provides plenty of fun for those who visit. Find out about the Granite insurance coverage available to keep your operation up and running. Get specialized haunted attraction insurance to protect your business. Your business has significant foot traffic and relies on the general public having a good time. While you hope it never happens, something could go wrong. Maybe a participant falls down and gets hurt after being startled or an item of theirs is broken somehow. General liability insurance helps to protect your business in the event of bodily injury or property damage. Prepare for forces beyond your control. Some attractions take place entirely outdoors, while others are primarily indoors. Either way, weather or other events could force your business to close for weeks or the season. Even a temporary shutdown could result in large amounts of lost income. Business interruption insurance may be able to replace some of this revenue, pay bills that continue even while you are closed, and keep your operation from going under. Find coverage for the specific needs of your attraction. There are many different types of businesses that could benefit from haunted attraction insurance, including both seasonal and year-round amusements. Consider these other common business coverages. There are some insurance coverages that benefit businesses of all kinds. For example, if your business relies on cars, whether owned by you or your employees, business auto insurance is a must. Workers’ compensation is typically required by law, and your employees can get hurt just as easily as a visitor. Commercial property insurance is vital to protect your building, equipment, props, and other materials. A commercial umbrella policy can provide coverage that goes beyond the limits of your other policies. Cyber liability insurance also protects your business if you’re the victim of a cyber attack. Are you interested in finding insurance for your haunted attraction? Contact us to discuss your options.



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