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The Scare FactorThe Scare Factor provides the world’s LEADING Halloween haunted house and dark attraction reviews and online directory listings. The Scare Factor’s goal is to become THE place to go for all things Halloween haunted house and dark attraction-related! The Scare Factor was born in 2004 and planted it’s roots in the Haunt Reviewing side of the industry. With the goal of reviewing as many haunted attractions as possible so customers can find the best, scariest and darkest attractions in the land, our Founder (Tom Schaeffer) searched for the most enthusiastic and talented reviewers to assist him in this daunting task! Once under the wing of The Scare Factor, these groups of reviewers were dubbed “Scream Teams.” A standardized reviewing system was created so that all attractions could be reviewed based on the same criteria. This very same system is proudly employed by our Scream Teams to this day! The Scare Factor takes great pride in customer service, both for haunt-goers and the attraction owners themselves. The Scare Factor operates year-round, so feel free to contact us any time!  




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