Haunters Against Hate: Raising Funds for LGBT Youth Organizations

Haunters Against Hate

Haunters Against Hate is a nonprofit that donates to LGBT youth organizations across the country. They raised funds from the sale of merchandise, the Book Of Haunters series, and most recently, their own branded event, HAH The Event. Coming up, we’ll learn more about the latest Book Of Haunters and this year’s Haunters Against Hate […]

Haunt Shirts: Everyday Apparel for Halloween People

Haunt Shirts

Over the last five years, Haunt Shirts has grown from a haunter-driven shirt company to a Halloween apparel company, one that might just be releasing beachwear next month at Transworld. Almost four years have passed since the Haunted Attraction Network interviewed James and Melissa, and a lot has changed. Subscribe to the Haunted Attraction Network […]

Midnight Syndicate: 25 Years of Dark Symphonic Soundtracks

Midnight Syndicate

2021 was one of the busiest years ever for Midnight Syndicate. Beyond releasing their new Bloodline album, they also branched out by releasing videos and music from their live shows. Let us not forget the custom music they made for Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 30. We learned about them and the evolution of […]

Granite Insurance for Haunted Attractions

Granite Insurance

Insurance has been tricky for haunted attractions. Many places are unsure how to classify haunted attractions, and others don’t reward haunts following safety practices. Granite Insurance is hoping to offer a solution for the industry. Using an advisory board of haunters, they hope to offer incentives for safety practices and eventually streamline the process through […]

My Deceased Valentine at Deceased Farm

deceased farm

My Deceased Valentine returns to Lexington, South Carolina, for Valentine’s Day. Deceased Farm is a haunt that created an entirely different low-capacity event for Valentine’s. Blanchard Williams explains the event and how Deceased Farm doesn’t struggle with staffing but cooperates with haunts around them. Subscribe to the Haunted Attraction Network for more industry updates. Related […]

My Zombie Valentine at Dark Castle

Dark Castle

Plenty of haunts around the country celebrates spooky romance. One of those haunts is Dark Castle in South Carolina, and they have one of the most unique off-season experiences we’ve ever seen. Dark Castles: My Zombie Valentine puts couples through a two-hour zombie survival scenario with the main quest, side quests, and awesome prizes for […]

Fear Overload & Ultimate Terror: Differentiating Haunts

Ultimate Terror

Fear Overload in the Bay Area and Ultimate Terror Scream Park in the Sacramento area are both owned by the same two brothers, and while they seem similar, they have vastly different approaches coming up we’ll hear how two attractions in overlapping markets differentiate themselves. Here’s a little back story to this interview, I recorded […]

Hush Haunted Attraction’s Valentine Haunt in Westland Michigan


Coming up Hush Haunted Attraction in Westland, MI opens tonight for their Valentine haunt. It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, so there are over 50 haunts all over the country opening to celebrate. Some haunts, like the haunt in Atascadero CA, are reopening with their normal show. You can check our feed for our show on February […]

Vendor Showcase: Immortal Masks

Immortal Masks

Established in 2010, Immortal Masks is known for delivering film quality products at competitive pricing. I’m not sure you can find a haunter that isn’t aware of Immortal Masks and coming up they’re launching three new product lines next month, and we have the details. This is the third episode in our vendor showcase series […]

Vendor Showcase: Jack O’ Lantern Journey

Jack O’ Lantern

Jack-O’-Lantern Journey has been popping up everywhere. I’m sure you’ve seen them too. It seems like every Halloween when I’m looking for events I see them, sometimes as a single photo op like at the Winchester Mystery House, and sometimes as a full-scale event. I’ve been so curious how it all works, are they operators […]




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