A Scott in the Dark

A rational look at the prospects for haunted attractions this year and for your haunt in particular Episode 46 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast (recorded on July 25th, 2020) asked the sobering question, “Is Halloween dead?” The day before, Universal Studios cancelled Halloween Horror Nights in California and Florida for 2020. That […]Continue Reading
Approaches to Addressing a Crisis—Which Haunts Should implement All the Time By Scott Swenson Welcome back to the dark. I based this blog on Episode 45 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast, in which I talked about phases of recovery from the ongoing pandemic. A phenomenal seven-week certificate program I completed at the […]Continue Reading
Use Diversity in your team, in your scares, within your industry, and in your products to strengthen your haunt. By Scott Swenson Welcome to the dark. This blog is based on Episode 44 of my podcast, A Scott in the Dark. It had been awhile since I’d recorded an episode, and this was recorded in June […]Continue Reading
Creative strategies for haunts and haunters to move through the COVID-19 pandemic and emerge on their feet. by Scott Swenson Episode 42 of my podcast, A Scott in the Dark inspired this post. Let me be 100% honest. I had no intention of recording this episode, but inspiration hit and hit hard, and Episode 42 […]Continue Reading
This unprecedented situation provides an opportunity for haunts and haunters to become more creative and support one another. This blog is based on Episode 41 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast, which was recorded on March 16th, 2020—right after all the social distancing and other restrictions started being implemented across the country. That […]Continue Reading
Get started early in the year to be better prepared for the Halloween season Welcome again to my blog, this one based on episode 40 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast. I recorded this podcast in mid-February 2020 while driving—with painful slowness—across the state of Florida to meet with clients. These preliminary meetings with clients […]Continue Reading
Seminars, a panel discussion, and chats with folks from Dark Woods and Raybourn Creative I recorded Episode 39 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast at the most recent HAuNTcon, which took place in New Orleans on January 17-19, 2020. This year, there were all kinds of new additions to the show because, as […]Continue Reading
Discovering what’s new and trending in the haunt and theme park industries Episode 38 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast was recorded at the 2019 IAAPA Expo, which is sponsored by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, and is the world’s largest trade show for the attractions industry. The Expo is […]Continue Reading
A Haunter in Christmas Town: How to Do a Changeover from a Halloween to a Christmas Event This blog is based on Episode 37 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast, which was broadcast as I walked around Christmas Town at Busch Gardens in Tampa. Christmas Town, for those of you who don’t know, […]Continue Reading
by Scott Swenson This blog is based on Episode 36 of my A Scott in the Dark podcast, which came right on the heels of Episode 35. I wasn’t planning on another episode so soon, but I wanted to talk about the after party following Halloween. You know, everybody wants to start singing, “The party’s over,” and […]Continue Reading