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On day 22 of the 61 day Hauntathon this is Tim. I’m one of the co-founders here at Scary Good Marketing, and today what I want to talk about is potentially running a selfie video contest as part of your marketing strategy.

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What Is a Selfie Video Contest?

I was thinking, what is one of the big things that people who like watching around the Halloween season? And it’s a lot of videos of people being scared, people scaring other people, that kind of stuff. Why don’t we take that idea and run a selfie video contest? People can go take a selfie video of themselves going through your haunted attraction and they post it online, they use a specific hashtag related to your haunt, and at the end of maybe every night, or every week, every weekend, however, you want to do it, you pick one winner of the best selfie video contest. Make sure that you have some criteria of how you’re going to pick the winner, but the great thing is people love taking selfies.

Why Do a Contest?

People love taking videos. I mean look at TikTok. TikTok is a huge platform that has a lot of this stuff. Now what you’re doing is you’re getting user-generated content, they’re posting it on their social media, and it has that virality behind it, because its people getting scared. Those posts can go reach a lot more people, and since it’s tied to your haunt, it’s just going to bring a lot more attraction, a lot more eyeballs online.

Selfie Videos Can Be Repurposed for Marketing

If they enter into the contest, you can stipulate that you have the rights to use any of their content for your marketing purposes, and then now you have a lot of this user generated content you can repurpose and put into marketing for next year, or even just leverage it for the current year; repost it, put it on your profiles, whatever you want to do. It just is going to have the potential to work really, really well.

It doesn’t really cost you anything to do, right? Because it’s 100% up to your user to create the content. The only thing you need to do is create the criteria for the contest, figure out what you want to give away to the winner of the contest, and then just do a little bit of promotion, and let people know when they’re at your event.

Now, if you want to get even more help, more resources, any of that stuff, make sure to go to scarygoodmarketing.com/haunters.




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