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This is day 49 of our 61-day Hauntathon counting down to Halloween.  Tim from Scary Good Marketing shares how to set up Spotify ads for your haunt.

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Spotify Is the Forgotten Ad Platform

Tim: My name is Tim, I’m one of the co-founders here at Scary Good Marketing, and today I want to talk to you about really what I consider the forgotten ad platform Spotify.

Now Spotify, I think, is one of the ad platforms that is forgotten about sometimes. A lot of people, I think, have this misconception that it can become really expensive; because if you’ve ever run a radio ad or looked into radio, you can tell that it can become expensive sometimes to run ads on the radio. But the reality is, radio is slowly dying, and places like Spotify, Pandora, and listening to music podcasts, that kind of stuff, online, is continuing to increase. The great thing is, with Spotify you can run an ad for as little as 250 bucks. So, these are 30-second audio ads that you run.

Now, it’s not as in-depth as maybe Facebook or Google, but the great thing is you can target your ad to go out to people based on their age range, based on their interests and things that they listen to, as well as a Geolocation. So, if you know that you only want to target people, maybe in a five-mile radius, or a ten-mile radius of your haunt, or if you want to target cities, whatever you want to do, you can do that, which is fantastic. So, you know that your ad is going directly to a specific listener that is more likely to actually go to your event.

Benefits of Using Spotify Ads

Tim: If you are somebody that doesn’t really want to do the audio portion, or really know how to do it, Spotify will actually do the ad for you. So, they have voiceover people that will create the ad for you. You just have to, essentially, give them a script, and I believe this script has to be 77 words or less, and what they’ll do is they’ll take that script and any information that you give them, they will create the ad, and then they will send you a copy of it, you just have to approve it and then once it’s approved then you can go and your ad can start running.

The other benefit, versus traditional advertising, with Spotify, when they’re listening to it, if it’s something, they’re interested in, they can really just open up their phone, click on your little image and it will redirect them to any website URL that you want. So, this is fantastic because you can send them directly to where they can buy your tickets, you can send them to your website.

What we recommend is, in a previous episode we talked about email marketing, and so if you have a specific offer what you do is you send them to an opt-in form where they put in their name in their email, and then what you’re doing is you’re building your email list. Then the other thing you can do is you can add a line on there asking how they heard about you, and you just add Spotify, and then that way you can track to see how many people are coming from your Spotify ad. It’s a really great way to just streamline the process versus traditional radio ads.

If you want more information about Spotify ads in particular, we put together an entire resource section on our website that you can go to scarygoodmarketing.com/haunter. So, I highly encourage you to definitely check out Spotify ads, because of how affordable they are and how much better they can work than maybe your traditional radio ads.




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