Haunted Attraction Review – The Devil’s Attic in Louisville Kentucky

Devil’s Attic

This is day 19 of our 61 day Hauntathon. Today Tyler from Team Zombillies and ScareFactor.com is going on location with The Devil’s Attic in Louisville, Kentucky to talk with Jason “Attic” Besemann.

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Favorite Parts, New Stuff, and What to Expect in the Devil’s Attic

Jason: We’re starting off our season pretty good and, excited to show everybody all our new stuff in there.

Tyler: You get a few new things in there. We just came out, and I’ll tell you what, it is action packed started to finish, probably one of the better iterations of the Devil’s Attic that we’ve seen to date. What would you say is your favorite part?

Jason: Well, we redid a lot of the rooms. I’ve always wanted to do an extension of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre dining scene, give that away a little bit, but just walking through the facade of the Sawyer’s house, it’s pretty cool in itself, I think. Then, we did about a 30-40% make-over of the rest of the haunt as well.

One of my favorite areas is the vampire room. So, we redid that, sexed it up a little bit, and Frankensteined a couple other areas. Exorcist, we’ve got a new surprise in there for you guys. I’ve been really pleased with them.

Tyler: And it’s not the priests. Very cool.

This is kind of a collection of evil souls. So, you see a few characters that you may have seen. So, like he’s saying, you got some of the Texas Chainsaw stuff, you got a little bit of Hell Raiser stuff going on some, SAW stuff, but it’s not like your typical Jason, Michael, Freddy. It’s a little bit different, you kinda go against the grain a little bit with your character selection.

Jason: We do, and then we’ve also got some folks in there, we’ve got a maniac scene based on 1970s movie and a lot of people don’t know what it is, but you know, people are scared of mannequins, that becomes scary in itself.

Devil’s Attic
Image Credit: The Devil's Attic

The Devil’s Attic Has a New Devil, and He’s Good

Tyler: The Devil he’s doing really good this year, he kind of gives you a little bit of the introduction to what’s going on in there, doesn’t he?

Jason: He does. Our previous devil was with us 10 years. So, he’s doing a great job, I like to give a comparison of Macho Man, Randy Savage meets Satan.

Tyler: And he’s yeah, he’s very intense in that first scene there.

Jason: If there’s a metal chair in the room, be careful.

Devil’s Attic
Image Credit: The Devil's Attic

Tickets, Presales, Dates, and How the Year Is Going

Tyler: Did you guys do any like presales or anything like that for tickets this year?

Jason: We did, that went pretty good. We always do quite a bit of online ticketing. People are anxious to see us when the doors come open and then they come.

Tyler: So, they pretty well take advantage of that, or you find that most people are wait until they get here?

Jason: Kind of mix of the both, you know? With last year, the pandemic, our online ticket sales were much higher, so we’re on track this year as a fairly normal year, for the most part.

Tyler: People are probably wondering, you know, trying to wait to make sure everybody’s still going to open and stuff before they buy tickets too, could be why, maybe.

Jason: Yeah, that’s true.

Tyler: Did you guys decide to add or remove any dates for this year, or sticking with the same numbers?

Jason: We’re doing 16 nights. We did get rid of our Sundays. Fridays and Saturdays in September and October.

Tyler: Gotcha. Gotcha. Are you having any difficulties finding or retaining actors?

Jason: Believe it or not, knock on wood, this is one of our probably first seasons we were overstaffed. We’ve got, three or four waiting in line to get in here. After being around for 12 years, I’ve got a lot of tenured actors that still want to help out every once in a while.

Tyler: Alrighty, thanks so much, Jason, glad to a good talking to you, glad we got to go through the hall and everything’s looking good inside of there. We’ll catch you next season.

Jason: Sounds good, man. Appreciate you guys as always.




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