Hell’s Dungeon Attraction Review

Hell’s Dungeon

This is day 16 of our 61-day Hauntathon. And Maximus has braved Hell’s Dungeon to provide interesting feedback and get some inside details.

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“Follow us from the mean streets of the apocalypse, then stop and chat with the Firewood family while in the deep backwoods, skip into the abandoned halls of an archaic medical facility, Marvel at our freak show exhibit as you finally make your way into the 3D insanity of the clown area. Please come see us because we have such sights to show you. Come join us for madness and mayhem and possible murder too. You may run... You may hide... But we're coming for you....”

Ticket Information

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through October 31st, Hell’s Dungeon is open and tickets start at only $25 with an extra $10 charge if you want a Fast Pass. They are open from 8PM to Midnight and are located at 3866 Linden Ave in Dayton Ohio.

Hell’s Dungeon
Image Credit: Hell’s Dungeon

Opening Night Chaos and Excitement

Maximus.  Max is here, and I’m here at Hell’s Dungeon in Dayton, Ohio, and I have the great pleasure of speaking with Fred. It’s opening night!

Fred. We’re so excited. Last year was difficult to get open, this year we busted hard, we’ve added 12,000 square feet more, a lot more scares, lot more actors. We’re just so excited tonight.

Maximus.   You must be, I mean you stuck your beard in something, you got blood there.

Fred. That’s real blood. I sort of split my head earlier on. Yeah, I got a 3-inch gash on my head. I got the most realistic makeup on tonight.

Image Credit: Hell’s Dungeon

Hell’s Dungeon Experience

Maximus.  So, we just walked through. The actors with phenomenal, they’re so high energy, they came to get us. Your Rejects in there…

Fred. I love my Rejects, they worked hard. We’ve had special guests. I ain’t gonna say names, but we’ve had people come through and help us and really like it. Without those people, we couldn’t do it, so we really appreciate that.

Maximus.  Some shout-outs I want to give, Bonkers, you were fantastic. The girl with the scream on Main Street, wonderful. Mama Helen on your porch, you make me not want to come back to your porch ever. So, fantastic job to all of you. Where can they find you?

Fred. Where you find us at 3866 Linden Ave, we are around the back of the property. So, when you come in, we’re still trying to adjust and get our signage out, but come through the buildings and go to the right. We’ve got a hearse, but it’s not out there right now that shows you where we’re at. All indoors, about 32,000 square feet of all indoor attractions.

Maximus.  Only your second season, you wouldn’t be able to tell walking in here, you guys did wonderful.




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