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Scare Cams
This is day 15 of our 61-day Hauntathon counting down to Halloween. Today – adding a scare cam to your haunted attraction.

Scare Cams are cheap to setup and can give you tons of audience engagement and content for use on your social media. Tim, one of the co-founders at Scary Good Marketing, explains more:

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Consider Live Streaming Scares for Viral Content

Tim: “Live streaming has become so easy, so cost effective, realistically, it’s pretty much free to do nowadays. One of the most viral pieces of content around this time, when it comes to Halloween, is videos of people getting scared.  So, if you can create that kind of content, you can have that kind of content, it has the potential of being a lot more viral. With live streaming, people can come and watch it in real-time, and live streams can rack up a lot of views, they can get a lot of attention behind them. 

Really, the idea behind the live scare cam is, look at your haunt and figure out where is one of the bigger scares in your haunt, and could you place a camera somewhere there where people can maybe see the person that’s going to jump out and scare somebody and they can see the reactions of people getting scared. Then all you’re really going to do is take that camera feed and live stream it out to either your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or you can use a multi-streaming platform to go to all of the platforms that you have.”

Scare Cams Are Viral Content Now and Repurpose Later

Tim: “What we’re doing is, we’re creating that viral content, and because it’s live, and you’ve really just run it from the time that you’re open to the time that you’re closed, it will continuously just rack up views. People will come in, watch it, be interested in what this haunt is, be interested in your event. The other great thing about it is, once you have this live stream, once the recording is done, you can take that video content, you can go and find the best scare reactions, the best whatever, take that and now you can cut those pieces out in the live stream video and repurpose that for your marketing efforts for next year. You can cut them together, have a compilation video of stuff, and you can post those.

You can even take, you know maybe one or two of the best scares, repurpose them, put them on TikTok, you can do so much.  That’s one of the things that I like is, you set it up, once it’s set up and running, you have all of this content that you’re going to consistently get that you can repurpose.”

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